therapies_2Reflexology Cost: £45.00 (duration: 50mins) This is a holistic therapy treating the whole body, helping it rebalance and harmonise its functions. The feet mirror the body, and so by applying pressure on specific i.e. reflex points of the feet, the corresponding body organ can be manipulated. This can aid the body’s own natural healing abilities. Our feet reflect the state of our health, both physically and mentally. Reflexology is not only a good non-invasive treatment, it is also extreamly relaxing and can help reduce any tension and reduce stress. It tends to invigorate the body’s overall physiology, increasing vatility and balance energies. Other benefits of reflexology include: increasing circulation, boosting the elimination of toxins and clearing congestion within organs. It can be a great way of maintaining general good health and many people who have experienced its benefits maintain regular treatments after their initial health problem has been treated.

* Cancellation fee
Please note that at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment is required otherwise a 50% fee/charge will be levied.