I have attended classes and practised yoga for almost 40 years and Ammie is one of the best teachers I have met in all that time. I always enjoy her classes. They are varied in content and very well structured. She clearly gives a lot of thought to her lesson plans. In a mixed ability class, she is able to both challenge the more experienced as well as encourage and support the newcomers. Her spoken instructions are very clear and precise.

My regard for her as a yoga teacher encouraged me to try the massage that she offers. Under her firm, confident touch I was fully relaxed during an hour-long treatment. It was bliss!
Denise Cherry
“l am a yoga teacher myself and have been attending one of Ammie’s classes for a few years now, as I like to keep up my own practice. I enjoy them very much as she always has the right balance of relaxation and working on postures. She has excellent knowledge and experience. Her classes are always varied and interesting, she obviously puts a lot of thought into the content of the class and consistently comes up with new ideas. She is always patient and helpful, giving individual attention where necessary. She has a positive and encouraging attitude and is very dedicated. I have no hesitation in recommending her Yoga teaching.”
Loretta Lavery
Croxley Green Business Park in Watford offers lunchtime fitness classes for employees based on the Park. Ammie Shah was invited to join the team of fitness instructors in January 2010 to provide Yoga Classes. Ammie has successfully provided 2 fifty minute classes every Friday between 12.00 – 2.00pm instructing beginners and improvers Yoga. The Classes are very popular and continued to be offered by the Business Park.

Big THANK YOU Ammie for your support and commitment to providing Yoga for Croxley Green Business Park employees.
Sarina Staff, Marketing and customer services manager
“Ammie’s Pilates class is like a piece of dark chocolate – relaxing and intense at the same time. Set to soothing music, Ammie takes you through a series of increasingly demanding exercises which really work areas such as the abdominals and the lower back. Both young and old take part, and you do not have to be particularly fit to enjoy (or benefit from) Pilates. Hope to still be doing Ammie’s Pilates “When I’m Sixty-Four” (with apologies to Paul McCartney)”
Tony Berkeley

ammie7_bw“I would like to say just how much I enjoy Ammie’s yoga classes.
Over the many years of attending her classes I have an increased knowledge on how to use my breath, have better posture, more energy and feel so much more relaxed in myself.

Ammie demonstrates and helps all her students to experience the particular quality of movement and breath, and achieve their personal goals in a fun and enjoyable environment.”
Sandra Yates

ammie8_bw“We would like to say a huge THANK-YOU! for making your yoga classes fun and interesting. Rishaa has throughly enjoyed attending your yoga classes and every time I tell her that she has got a class with you she is thrilled! She comes home and shows her little sister what she has learnt. Her favourite posture is the sandwich move. Thank-you again for all your hard work and those reward stickers are a lovely idea.”
Tharshini Presanna (Mum)

ammie9_bw“I have attended Ammie’s yoga classes through both my pregnancies. She is a natural teacher whose professionalism and knowledge make her classes thoroughly enjoyable and extremely beneficial for preparation in childbirth. Ammie teaches with such ease,clarity and confidence, whilst taking into consideration the needs to each student. I would recommend her classes to any expectant mother!”
Aiva Wallis

ammie10_bw“Fantastic way to exercise during pregnancy. Great breathing techniques and yoga postures which helped me through labour Massaging techniques were really useful to ease all the weekly discomforts and great to teach partners at home. Ammie was brilliant giving very clear and precise instructions with a relaxed and calm approach and took a real interest in our week by week experiences. A weekly Mind and Body refreshment.”
Sharon Wicks

ammie11_bw“Ammie’s teaching is insightful, intuitive, compassionate and remarkably clear. You will benefit from her concise instruction and reach levels of your practice previously un-encountered. You can rest assured to feel relaxed and comfortable in a non competitive environment as you are guided safely through a perfectly structured class. A truly wonderful experience.”
Naomi Childs

ammie12_bwTo say my introduction to Ammie’s lessons were a relief is an understatement. The back pain I had went and my physical well-being improved, I’ve not been back to the gym in the three years since my first lesson – for me that stuff doesn’t make sense anymore, my flexibility and mental focus is far better without it – there’s no macho competitive urge to keep up with times or weights, just a natural desire to focus and feel better in mind and body during a session, it’s an incredibly relaxed but fruitful experience.

If you are sceptical I’d say give it a go, Ammie will listen to any concerns you have and take you through it according to your needs.”
Marc Swallow


I really enjoy Pilates classes with Ammie. She has such a calm style and is very clear with her instruction, often tailoring the exercises to suit our varying abilities and capabilities so that we all feel we have achieved, regardless of whether or not we are the best!
Sarah Yorath

ammie15_bwI began practicing yoga 1:1 with Ammie some 18 months ago. I have been touched very deeply by what I am learning and my practice is now a fundamental part of my life. My original aims were around yoga and meditation following a suggestion from my Gastroenterologist; I suffered with severe IBS. I became symptom free within one month. Ammie has been at the absolute centre of this. She has held, supported and guided me with such understanding, compassion, support and fun I have developed fun. She responds to all of my inquisitive wonderings and adapts her lessons to my needs – yoga is a way of life.
Angela Rafuse