therapies_3Holistic Massage cost: £50.00 (duration: 60mins)
Are your muscles tight, or do you feel tense? Do you have difficulty relaxing and getting to sleep? If the answer is yes, then holistic massage may well be the treatment for you. The ancient discipline of holistic massage can be used to improve general health and well being by treating the mind, body and spirit. The massage techniques and strokes used ease away pain or tension from stiff aching muscles and it is one of the most effective and natural treatments for stress related ailments.

Holistic massage is a full body massage using Swedish style movements to create a detoxifying effect and promote relaxation. The improved circulation and lymphatic drainage created by the massage strokes helps to boost the circulatory system and increase the exchange of tissue fluids. Stroking movements (effleurage) are gentle, sweeping, relaxing strokes with varying levels of pressure, which are used at the beginning and end of the treatment. Kneading techniques (petrissage) uses kneading and rubbing movements to manipulate tissues and muscles, applying pressure of the hands to break down tension. Friction movements are used to compress tissue against bone by working on small or specific areas of muscle tightness. Percussion or hacking practice is a brisk, invigorating and stimulating stokes in which the hands strike the body suddenly. Finally, the treatment concludes with a tapotement procedure which is a gentle form of hacking, using just the fingertips, and is carried out on delicate or sensitive areas, such as the face. The whole process manipulates and relaxes the muscles back to their original state to maintain general health and fitness.

* Cancellation fee
Please note that at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment is required otherwise a 50% fee/charge will be levied.