Reflexology for pregnancy and fertility £45.00 (duration: 40mins)
Just giving a busy mum-to-be some precious quiet time of her own during a reflexology treatment can reduce stress, relax and revitalise her. Emphasis is optimal balancing of the endocrine system since hormones play such an influential role in preparing the body for childbirth before and during pregnancy. Some less desirable side effects of hormonal changes can be altered sleep patterns, mood swings, digestive difficulties like heartburn and constipation. Reflexology can help with such problems.

With fertility difficulties reflexology-alongside medical investigation- can improve the prospects for conceiving naturally. Reflexology can improve energy flow to the reproductive organs, and maintain good balance of hormone levels.

* Cancellation fee
Please note that at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment is required otherwise a 50% fee/charge will be levied.