The pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises. The class will help you to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture, provide flexibility, balance and ultimately create a more streamlined shape. The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

Core Stability
This class focuses on using an exercise ball to strengthen all of the muscles in the abdominals and back. These moves will also challenge balance, stability and overall coordination.

General Yoga
An integrated class offering postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and meditation. General classes are suitable for all levels whether you are a complete beginner or have been practicing for some years.

Antenatal Classes (pregnancy yoga and Pilates)
This is a specialist course to help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy. The physical postures and breathing exercises will help to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for birth. This course cultivates strength, flexibility and breath awareness for mothers-to- be. Classes can be attended after 16 weeks of pregnancy. Private one-to-one tuition can be arranged on request.

Corporate Yoga
In the UK it is estimated that work-related stress is responsible for six million days of sick leave a year, with stress being linked to many minor and major illnesses. (BUPA’s Health Information Health Team).

Yoga classes that can be arranged for employees at work to manage stress, it is an effective way of keeping your team members fit, healthy and happy.

Yoga Way of Life caters for all levels, from the complete beginner to the more experienced practitioner. Group classes can be organised as well as private lessons. Ammie can tailor the style, level and content to achieve exactly what you need.

Remedial Yoga
Yoga practice is tailored to each individual’s specific needs after a full assessment of the student. Personal programs can be developed to help the student to build strength and flexibility whilst promoting deep rest and healing. Remedial yoga can be applied to improve and even cure a wide variety of illnesses and disease, such as knee, back, neck shoulder problems, sciatica, ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and cerebral palsy.

Children’s Yoga
Children’s yoga enhances flexibility, strength, co-ordination and body awareness. They learn to stretch and relax in a playful way, with it being competitive and judgemental.

Toddler Yoga
This is a fun, interactive class based on yoga shapes, games, sounds and movement with the aim of developing the toddler’s spatial awareness, co-ordination, creative expression and motor skills.